Distance: 1.4 km
Time: 20 – 45 min
Elevation Gain: 5 m
Elevation Loss: 199 m

Technical Rating: Advanced – Expert
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: April – November
Permit Required: No

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Tower of Power is located in the One Mile Lake Area of Pemberton. It’s an expert x-country/all-mountain trail, which requires stamina and strength to maneuver. Warning; this is a technically challenging ride, with little to no options to bail out if you get in over your head. It’s an incredible ride with fantastic views and some gnarly, steep and long, rock slab sections that just don’t seem to let up. You need to be on your A game to ride this one and I wouldn’t recommend it after heavy rain as it can get slick making it that much harder to navigate. A little bit of rain is okay as it actually makes the slab tacky.

The trailhead is located about 10 m right (south) from the K2 and Lumpy’s junction, off of Lumpy’s Epic. If you start descending down the slab on Lumpy’s from the junction, you’ve gone too far. Look for the trailhead sign for Tower of Power to be nailed to a tree and obstructed by low hanging branches, just as you crest the slab on Lumpy’s; you should spot a faint trail heading right (south). The first bit of Tower of Power begins with short sections of loose and technical boulders lined with jagged rocks, these will serve as a warm up and warning to those struggling to get down this first bit. If you cannot comfortably ride the entrance, turn around now. The short descent from the entrance is followed by a quick, but steep hike a bike section taking the rider up a rocky and rooty route. Stick to your right when climbing up the rock face, going left looks easier but results in a dead end. Once the quick climb is over, get back on your bike and ride out to the hydro lines following the trail. From this point forward it’s game on. The route will start to descend, getting steeper and much more technical. From the power lines the trail will traverse several boulders and drops down several technical slabs. Make sure to check your lines the first time riding this trail, as it’s hard to spot the exits and entry points along this route. Once you complete this gratifying descent, you’ll find yourself on the Nairn-One Mile trail. Take a right onto this trail to head back to the One Mile Lake Parking area.

TRAILHEAD | N50 17.990 W122 48.270

Park at One Mile Lake and ride the Sea to Sky Trail over to Overhill. Ride up Overhill for about 50 m to Nairn-One Mile Trail; follow the signs for Lumpy’s Epic, this is Nairn-One Mile. Climb up Nairn-One Mile all the way to the well-marked trailhead for Lumpy’s Epic. Turn onto Lumpy’s and ride until you come to the junction for K2. Turn right at the junction to continue on up Lumpy’s for about 10 m. Just as you crest the rock bluff, look for the Tower of Power trail sign nailed to a tree to your “right” – south of Lumpy’s trail. The trailhead for Tower of Power is marked, but not easily spotted due to the overhanging branches covering the entrance and sign.

bikepirate rating: 5 Skulls