Distance: 6.2 km
Time: 30 min – 1 hr
Elevation Gain: 59 m
Elevation Loss: 55 m

Technical Rating: Beginner
Physical Rating: Easy
Season: May – October
Permit Required: Yes (Park Pass)

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Tunnel Mountain Campground Loop circles the campground located up on Tunnel Mountain. It belongs to a large network of multi-use trails located on Tunnel and is the sister or inner loop to Tunnel Bench Loop, a popular intermediate singletrack trail. The Campground Loop is best described as a wide pea gravel pathway with very little elevation gain. The route hugs the exterior campsites, ducking into the trees and popping back out at various points. The majority of this trail is wide open and exposed to the sun, offering up plenty of light even when nearing dusk, and drying quickly after it has rained. You can ride the Campground Loop in either direction, clockwise or counter clockwise. The trail makes for a fantastic leisurely ride for families, young ones, and the young at heart to enjoy.

Watch out for strolling campers and wildlife when pedaling this route. Elk, deer, and the elusive coyote are often spotted along this trail. There are plenty of spots to rest, so be sure to pause and enjoy the surrounding mountains and inhale the fresh mountain air. On the weekends the loop tends to get a bit of traffic, but during the week and weeknights, you’ll find the peace and tranquility you’re after when going for a short spin along this path.

TRAILHEAD | N51 11.236 W115 32.774 (HIDDEN RIDGE)

There is no set starting point or trailhead. The loop circles the entire Tunnel Mountain campground with several access points throughout. If you’re not staying at the campground, I suggest starting your ride from the Hidden Ridge Resort, located on Hidden Ridge Way at the west end of the campground.

bikepirate rating: 2 Skulls