Distance: 2.1 km
Time: 20 – 30 min
Elevation Gain: 0 m
Elevation Loss: 325 m

Technical Rating: Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: February – November
Permit Required: SORCA trail pass

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A mere shell of what it used to be. The top half of Upper Power Smart is so awfully eroded that it has become a very unpleasant experience. There is unlikely to be any maintenance on this trail in the near future as the lower sections are slated for logging. When the logging is complete there will apparently be a realignment of the trail. Given the recent trend of building “trails for the people”, this will likely be a much needed trail that everyone can enjoy. At the moment, all the trails leading down from the top of the park road are very difficult to extremely difficult to ride.

If you do venture out onto Upper Power Smart, you’ll have a heck of a grunt to contend with up the Garibaldi Park Road. Starting from Quest University, the gravel road seems to ascent for an eternity. Once you finally arrive at the trailhead, the joy of having made it up this arduous climb will dissipate quickly as you drop in onto the trail. It’s one ugly eroded gully after another, intermittent with large unpleasant root drops and loose scree and rock. If you make it down to the junction with Skookum unscathed, count yourself lucky. From this point forward the trail actually improves considerably and is a fun flowy ride to the IMBA Smart trailhead. Take IMBA Smart out, avoiding Middle Power Smart which is far worse than Upper. Good luck!

TRAILHEAD | N49 45.564 W123 03.961

From the Half Nelson parking lot ride east and up the Garibaldi Park Road. It’s a long way up to the first switchback, which is apparent once you near the houses. Keep left around the first switchback and follow the signs for Garibaldi Park, continuing to climb up the dirt road. At the second switchback, look for a rocky and loose doubletrack to lead west into the woods. Take this trail and follow it all the way to the well signed trailhead for Upper Power Smart. This is also the access to Galactic Scheisse.

bikepirate rating: 1 Skulls