Distance: Up to 30 km
Time: 1 – 6 hrs
Elevation Gain: N/A
Elevation Loss: N/A

Technical Rating: Beginner – Advanced
Physical Rating: Easy – Hard
Season: Year round
Permit Required: No

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The West Sechelt area contains a fun and flowy network of singletrack trails, many of which are very buff and easy to pedal. The more advanced routes offer up sections of rock slabs and rocky descents, to challenge even the experienced riders. As is to be expected when riding in British Columbia, there are a large number of wooden bridges built across creek beds and low lying sections of trail throughout this network. None are very high and many are wide enough for most riders to effortlessly cross. The area is home to some of the largest old growth fir trees found on the Sunshine Coast, providing some great cover from the rain when it’s pouring out. One will also find some spectacular sections of singletrack running along exposed bench cuts that offer up some amazing views of the surrounding hills. Navigation in this area at first may seem daunting due to the sporadic trail signs; however, the good news is that all trails do eventually spit back out onto the main access road leading back to the Big Tree parking area. To help you navigate and link this network of trails, we’ve provided two suggested routes for your download.

The West Sechelt trails are not well known among cyclists visiting the area, making them a treat to ride since they receive very little tourist traffic. They are a favourite among locals and frequented by the likes of pro rider Kris Sneddon; a local Kona sponsored racer. A majority of the trails in West Sechelt are beginner to intermediate and range from moderate to hard when it comes to the amount of fitness one would need to ride here. An all-mountain, x-country or a 29er bike will serve you well.

TRAILHEAD | N49 30.209 W123 50.168

Access the West Sechelt trails via the Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Road. Drive 9 km from Sechelt along Hwy 101, turning onto the unmarked Halfmoon Carlson Forest Service Road; a dirt road located about 400 m before you get to Trout Lake. Turn right up the road and follow it for 2.6 km until you get to the parking lot for Big Tree. Park and begin your ride.


N49 30.414 W123 52.063 (turn off)
N49 30.209 W123 50.168 (parking)

bikepirate rating: 4 Skulls

Trail information

If you’re an endurance rider, this is just another area that can be linked up with several of the trail networks found on the Sunshine Coast. All networks of trails found on the Sunshine Coast may be connected by riding the forest service and hydro access roads leading all the way up the coast from Langdale (ferry terminal).

Trail descriptions

E-Line: A fun descending trail with several well-built berms and small natural jumps. This is a really nice and flowy trail with a section of rock slab near the end of the trail, just before the access/fire road.

VFR: This is a climbing trail with super fun descents. VFR follows several well-built switchbacks that gradually ascend along its route when ridden north to south. The trail climbs in either direction, but in our opinion is best ridden north to south.

Brat: Still a relatively new trail, Brat is best descended from the Telus Road. Climbing up this trail is hard work, but coming down its windy and twisty route is a blast.

Desoto: A beautiful singletrack trail that runs along the bench of the hill and provides some fantastic views of the mountains and Crowston Lake. A short, but fun trail that eventually pops out onto the forest service road. Go right to head back towards Beaver Pond and the Big Tree parking area.

Easy Street/Over Easy: Two relatively easy singletrack trails which connect to Brat and Desoto from Skullduggery, when combined. Both trails roll along the undulating singletrack. A short steep climb awaits the rider along Over Easy before connecting up with Desoto.

Must ride trails in West Sechelt include E-Line, VFR and Parbac.