Whistler Valley Singletrack …great riding on a rainy day

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Woke up today to the sound of rain drops falling hard on our skylight.Wasn’t a promising sign, but we’re in BC, not uncommon for this time of year to receive a good and healthy rain fall. We decided to avoid riding the Whistler Bike Park and instead to head out and do some all-mountain riding. I think locals would refer to this as x-country, but I’ll go with all-mountain as a number of the trails we hit had a good number of manmade features.

We started at the Zappa Trails network (located near Lost Lake) – the trailhead (TH) is located in town. You can enter the network at numerous spots; we decided to start at the Ticket Booth, right off Lorimer Road. We jumped on Peaches en Regalia and worked our way across to Dinah Mee Humm, Pinocchio’s Furniture and finally over to Gee I Like Your Pants. The trails in the area range from green to blue, so nothing extreme, but still very challenging especially when wet. Pinocchio’s was our favourite section of trail, which was quite challenging due to the wet manmade features (bridges); definitely one to check out when dry.

You can loop a number of the trails if you would like, or you can keep going to the next area Cut Yer Bars (follow the orange loop marker). We got off track a little and never found the entrance to Cut Your Bars, but made it over to Emerald Forest – trail network with A River Runs Through It.

Zappa Trails condition update: Wet, slippery, with lots of puddles.

A River Runs Through It was my favourite ride of the day. Rated as a Black/Double Black, it has loads of features and very challenging singletrack. It is definitely a challenge for anyone, including very accomplished riders. Not a freeride trail, more of an all-mountain/x-country, this trail has loads of features that make it quite exciting and very dicey when wet. I highly recommend checking it out, if you’re comfortable riding Blacks. Otherwise, it might be best to avoid this trail altogether due to the manmade bridges and skinny’s that make the trail and don’t typically offer a ride around option.

River Runs Through It condition update: Wet, slick, with loads of wet wood. Ride with caution on both wet and dry days.

The weather forecast is looking up for tomorrow. It’s about time …now to hit the Bike Park.

Happy Trails!

Whistler Valley Singletrack Trail

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