Distance: 3.1 km
Time: 30 – 45 min
Elevation Gain: 19 m
Elevation Loss: 274 m

Technical Rating: Int. – Advanced
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: February – November
Permit Required: SORCA trail pass

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Word of Mouth is best combined with the Legacy Climb and Fred’s for a fun filled loop. The top section of trail is rated advanced, while the remaining bottom half, the longest section of trail, is more of an intermediate ride. Steep sections of root and rock riding including some tight switchbacks and steep rock ups can be found along the top part of this route. The top half descends quickly into the hydro right of way. There should be a sign pointing you to the right (north). Look for Word Of Mouth to resume on your left from the access road for more technical descending. If you so desire, you can continue north a short distance to extend your ride on Plum Smugglers.

After the junction with Plum Smugglers, the grade becomes more relaxed for moderate technical riding. Found a short distance down the second half of the trail is a significant built-up platform that is six feet off the ground, but nice and wide. Further down the trail, once you come across a small wooden rollable pyramid (feature), a junction with some unmarked trails will follow. Make sure to go straight through the junction onto the small wooden bridge, to continue riding up on Word of Mouth. Eventually, you will climb steeply up towards the original end of the trail as it nears a logging road. Shortly before hitting the logging road, the trail continues right for more singletrack riding. Word of Mouth offers an interesting vantage point to Tobermory across Mashiter Creek, near the bottom of the second half of the trail. Stop to enjoy the incredible view.

The bottom half of Word of Mouth eventually spits you out on an access road and leads to the dirt roads located behind the university. Going right; pass the large jumps and cross a creek on sketchy planks and logs. Hike-a-bike up the steep bank and stay right to exit onto The Boulevard just east of the bridge over Mashiter. Going left; stay right as you enter the paved area of the housing development just off of Garibaldi Park Road.

TRAILHEAD | N49 45.365 W123 05.433

The trailhead for the top section of Word Of Mouth is found right (north) of the exit to Fred on the Northside Connector FSR. Alternatively you can access the lower part of the trail by riding up the hydro right-of-way access road.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls