Distance: 3.8 km
Time: 30 min – 1 hr
Elevation Gain: 54 m
Elevation Loss: 300 m

Technical Rating: Intermediate
Physical Rating: Moderate
Season: June – October
Permit Required: No

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The trail is a fairly challenging Intermediate ride but has a number of optional jumps and other features that raise the stakes. It is ridden south to north. The trail starts with a short climb to a small clearing, there after it is all downhill to the cutoff (back to ascending route). Around mid-descent, there are a number of jumps so watch out for them if they are not your thing. There are some steep sections with tight switchbacks.

Typically, riders leave the trail at the cutoff and head over to School of Rock but optionally, you can continue with the last third and return back to York Creek Road via 0.6 km of OHV trail.

A complete circuit of York with a Fork trail, OHV trail, logging road and section of York Creek Road is 8 km long.

TRAILHEAD | N49 35.484 W114 29.391

Where you park will depend on whether you wish to combine York with a Fork with other trails in the area. The south side of Coleman or along York Creek road offer plenty of parking options.

The trail is accessed from the York Creek Road via OHV trails. If you just want to ride York with a Fork, one option is to park at the far end of the York Creek Road (near yellow bridge crossing York Creek). From here you ride 3 km up a logging road – this is actually more enjoyable that it sounds – passing old coal workings and a couple of small lakes. The road continues uphill past the start of York with a Fork so look out for the sharp turn back onto the singletrack.

There are no trail signs so if you are new to the area, take a trail map or go with someone who knows the route.

bikepirate rating: 3 Skulls

Trail options

York with a Fork is often combined with School of Rock – in which case you might prefer to skip the lower 1.3 km of York with a Fork. If you are looking for a challenge consider Quadzilla – which takes in Rumhead, York with a Fork, School of Rock and Super Trooper. This ties together the best of the York-Ironstone area trails in a 4 to 6 hour ride.